About A5 Spas

Coast Spas' Advantages

Premium-quality Acrylic

We vacuum-form all our shells from premium-quality Aristech Acrylic. The shell is available in up to 18 attractive colors.

Owens Corning Fiberglass

We reinforce our shells with the strength of the Pink Panther — up to eight layers of super-strong fiberglass from world-renowned U.S. manufacturer Owens Corning.

Quality Cabinets

Our wooden cabinets are 5/8-inch clear redwood cedar with tongue-and-groove joints, secure top rail and corner supports and pressure-treated bottom rails. You can also select a Coast Guard™ cabinet or our premium composite Slate cabinet. In all, we offer eight gorgeous colors of cabinet for you to choose from, as well as (depending on the model) up to 18 different shell colors.


Our poly protective shield covers the entire underside of many Coast and NorthWind™ hot tubs to help keep out pests and other unwanted intrusions.

Powerful Pumps

Our variable-force pumps — available in a 5 horsepower and a full UL-rated 20-amp 7 horsepower, the most powerful in the industry — give you vigorous massage action. Both pumps have a patented cool air intake for longer life. Because of their variable force, our pumps draw as little as one amp during the filtration cycle for reduced energy consumption.


Coast uses up to 3" PVC Flex plumbing, giving the spa the maximum performance and flow rate. All internal jet and manifold lines are glued and clamped making loose or crooked joints virtually non‐existent. Oversized plumbing results in faster more powerful waterflow and a more therapeutic massage.

Full-foam Insulation

Full Foam Insulation will add structural integrity to your hot tub and provide support to prevent the movement of water lines. This feature offers the best energy efficiency possible. Commercial grade foam (similar the cavity wall insulation in your home) locks the pipework in place – ensuring that there is no movement in any of the water lines and jet sockets as the mass of water is pumped around the spa. If the pipes are able to move when your jets are turned on, any joints and unions will work eventually work loose and create leaks.

Full Foam helps reduce the noise created by the roar of water rushing through the water lines in your spa. In the still of night while you are relaxing in your spa, the dense foam insulation will help maintain your privacy and buffer the noise of the water rushing around the water lines. Most importantly the 100% full foam reduces heat loss. At Coast Spas we make full foam insulation available on all of our hot tubs for two simple reasons: energy efficiency and strength. Our 2.0 closed cell foam is ratedat RSO‐20‐25, equal to some of the best built homes. Full foaming also creates a unitized body to anchor the hundreds of feet of plumbing and wiring under the tub’s shell.

Superior Filtration

Our Patented Cyclonic Filtration System® uses the Water Diversion Blade® to drive water through the filter and keep it clean and fresh. The powerful main pumps are also used as low-speed circulation pumps that run in short intervals only when required. This reduces the number of components, lowers wear and tear, and consumes as little as one amp of electricity to reduce your energy costs. Additionally, because high temperatures and a wet environment can make an unprotected filter surface a target for the growth of bacteria, our filter surfaces are coated with Microban® antimicrobial protection. Microban® inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces staining, odors and degradation of the filter surfaces. Microban® hot tub filters are also easier to clean, and stay fresher between cleanings.

Dual-element heating system

Coast’s dual-element heating system is more efficient and less prone to wear than other systems. When minimal temperature increases are called for, a 1 kw element is activated to do the job. Requests for sharper temperature increases activate a 4 kw element for speedier results. And when starting from cold, both heating elements are activated to produce a combined 5 kw of heating power and get you to your desired temperature fast.

Advanced Controls

Coast Spas uses advanced control systems from the best suppliers in the industry to control the functions of the spa. Designed to provide hours of trouble free usage our controls provide easy and clear instruction for controlling everything from water and air pressure, jet selection and use of the most commonly used operations with just the touch of a button. From the topside control panel to our exclusive BOSS Wireless System, we make controlling the spa, fun and easy.

LED Lighting

Coast Spas LED lighting offers brilliant, colour‐intense illumination inside the spa with the brightest, highest powered, wide angle LED’s on the market. Our LED systems also incorporate an external 32 bit microprocessor, analogue voltage distribution to minimize power loss, and a thermal overload protection system to assure dependability. Empower your family and friends with the choice of 10 distinct lighting modes, including four light shows, featuring colour change lighting effect. Coast Spas incorporates LED lighting into the shell, jets, water features and diverters of the spa.

The Neck Jet System

In the anatomy of aquatic massage, the Neck Jet System provides you with the ultimate in a precision massage experience. The Neck Jet System features up to four powerful, user-adjustable jets, which are ergonomically, seated either side of a padded pillow. Each jet provides you with water volume and nozzle angle control. We provide a separate control to increase or cease the Neck Jet flow and a variety of seating to suit the whole family.