Water Clarity

By keeping in mind the basic ABCs of spa water chemistry & water clarity, you'll be assured a pleasant & healthy hot tub experience for yourself, your family and friends. Hot tub spas are not drained after each use, so we must take measures to ensure clear, clean, sparkling water.  This means balancing the chemical properties of our spa water so that it is neither too alkaline nor too acidic.  It also means maintaining a sanitising system to keep the water healthy and free of harmful micro-organisms. 



If there is not enough sanitiser in your spa, the water will be cloudy (even have a tint of green) and smell stale. Using your test strips, determine whether your spa water has the correct amount of sanitiser in the water. A sanitised environment will not allow bacteria to survive & multiply. Always add enough sanitiser and allow at least 30 minutes for the sanitiser you applied to register on the ‘ok’ region of your test strips. Either use SpaMate Bromine Granules, SpaMate Bromine Tablets or SpaMate Chlorine Granules or SpaMate Chlorine Tablets as your chosen sanitiser.

Filterable Contamination

Hair, insects, dead skin, leaves & grass are some examples of filterable contamination. These will obstruct the water flow through the spa filter. Body oils will also congest the filter. Remove & rinse the spa filter at least once a month. De-grease the spa filter at least every 2 months using SpaMate Filter Cleaner.

Lotions & Potions

Perfume, deodorant, hair gel, sun protection cream, etc.. Anything that you have applied to your body will contaminate the spa water, making it cloudy. Add SpaMate Spa Sparkle to the spa water. This will coagulate the small particles of product, turning them into larger, filterable contamination (see no.2) 

Contamination From Fabric

Swimwear that has been through the normal laundry process will contain detergent residue. This residue will cause foaming when introduced to your spa water. Use SpaMate Anti-Foam to remove foamy water. A top tip not to contaminate the water further, is to rinse bathing costumes in clean water with no detergents.   

Information Courtesy of the Spa Doctor

Daniel Anthony

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