Hot Tub Hydro Mop

The Hydro Mop floats in your hot tub water and reduces odours, absorbs oils and grease, extends life of Microfilter, and improves water clarity.


The Hydro Mop from Beachcomber is designed to float on the surface of your hot tub water-absorbing oils and lotions that cause the buildup of a scum line. The hydro mop will last 1-3 months and will help to improve your filter’s performance and enhance the water clarity. A new Hydro Mop will float on the surface of the water and as it picks up oils and lotions in the hot tub water, it will get heavier and begin to sink. Once the majority of Hydro Mop has sunk into the water, it has picked up as much as it can hold. Discard and replace to keep your hot tub clean and oil-free

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Hot Tub Hydro Mop