The Hot Tub industry is one of the fastest growing in the UK, with constant innovations and improvements – meaning the quality of Hot Tubs is only going up! We’ve done a quick roundup of the coolest new features that are available for your Hot Tub in 2019.


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New hot tub features for 2019


The Coast Cubby

The Coast Cubby is a small pump built into to the hot tub cabinet which allows you to empty your hot tub quickly, easily and whenever you want, with easy access via a small door. Usually, emptying hot tubs requires a portable pump and a long, long hose to reach to your drain. The Coast Cubby has both the pump and the hose included – how cool is that?


That’s not even the best part of the Coast Cubby!


The pump and pipe are hidden underneath a removable floor. The small compartment has air grills inside which allows the heat created by hot tub motors to enter and circulate. This circulating hot air within the Coast Cubby creates the perfect environment to store up to 4 towels. Your towels are always warm and ready to use when you get out of the hot tub. Who doesn’t like warm fluffy towels?!


Can’t bear to be more than 6 feet away from your phone? No problem! The Coast Cubby is watertight, so your electronics can be safely stored until you’re not soaking wet.


Coast Spas Hot Tub Cubby

The Atlas Swim Spa Jet

Our patented propulsion system recreates the feeling as though you’re swimming in open water for a truly authentic experience.

This exclusive technology creates a seemingly endless current while allowing swimmers to control the water resistance according to their ability - without the turbulence and frothy waves that other swim spas create. This can be achieved regardless of whether the pumps are set to minimum or maximum power! Our exclusive touchpad control system can save up to 10 different resistance settings, so the exact preferred swimming experience can be repeated every time you use your swim spa. All you need to do is choose your settings and swim!


Coast Spas Atlas Swim Spa Jet

ChromaZone Multicolour Gem & Glo Jets Lighting

We all know that lighting is the way to create a delightfully relaxing atmosphere in your Hot Tub. With a choice of over 1,000 spectacular colours, you can illuminate each seat, the dials and waterfalls in your favourite colours, separately or collectively. You can even customise the lighting on the outside of the hot tub cabinet! Light up your hot tub, your way.


Coast Spas ChromaZone Multicolour Gem & Glo Jets Lighting

Control My Spa

Worried about going away and leaving your Hot Tub? Or maybe you want to get your hot tub ready to dive straight in after a stressful day? You can control the lights and temperature of your hot tub using a phone or tablet - from anywhere in the world! Your hot tub can talk back to your App with the ability to set up schedules and receive notifications if your hot tub needs attention or a service.

Want to know more? Check out this awesome video from Coast Spas!


Coast Connect Waterfall Table

Enjoy drinks and snacks while sitting in your spa using the fabulous colour changing Coast Connect table. Situated in the centre of your spa, the table clicks into place and can also be removed if you need more space. The table top has the option to gently cascade your hot spa water over the surface for an extra little bit of ‘wow’!


Coast Spas Connect Waterfall Table

Coast Status

The warning light fitted alongside the lit Coast Spa logo to the front of your hot tub cabinet enables you to easily monitor the status of your hot tub. When the light is green, your hot tub is good to go! If the light blinks or turns a solid red - you'll know that there's an issue with the water flow or the water temperature.


Coast Spas Hot Tub Status Light

Wellness Therapy Seats and Impulse Jets

Experience a deep tissue kneading massage with individual seating dedicated to Wellness.

Activated by simply applying pressure to the jet’s rollerball, the Impulse Jet comes to life providing a soothing pulse massage to trigger points on your body. The variable speed massage is customised with an independent, easy to use control panel right next to the individual hydrotherapy seat.

The result is an unparalleled hydrotherapy experience, not found in any other hot tub to date.


Coast Spas Wellness Therapy Seats & Impulse Jets

Whew, that’s a lot of neat little features! 

If you're investing in a Hot Tub, you want to make sure it's absolutely perfect for you and your family. If that means being able to control your Hot Tub from work, or having pre-warmed towels right there when you need them, the go for it! Life is too short to compromise, so put your happiness first and get the Hot Tub that will perfectly complement your life.

If you want more details on the amazing new features (and the existing ones!) just get in touch with us to Download your FREE brochure!

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