If you love a hot tub manufacturer but can’t afford their full retail price, or you’re an eagle-eyed deal hunter, ex-display hot tub models can be a great solution. Today we’re talking about whether they’re really the deal they seem to be on paper.


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Why you should buy an ex-display model

  •  Don’t confuse pre-owned or used with ex-display. If you’re buying an ex display that has never been filled, you can be sure that no one has ever used it. You should only expect some minor wear and tear from being in a showroom. The payoff? You’re still saving up to thousands of pounds for an almost as-new model!
  • Even if your ex-display hot tub has been filled and used as a wet test model, you can be sure that it is in the best place to be looked after and maintained properly. In order to comply with BISHTA regulations, all our filled showroom hot tubs must be chemical tested daily, so you’ll know that your hot tub has always had the right amount of chemicals in, prolonging its life.

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What should you consider when buying an ex-display hot tub?

  • Be careful with the warranty available and remember that if an offer appears too good to be true, it likely is!
  • All credible manufacturers begin their warranty 6 months from when their hot tub was made. Some hot tubs may have been in showrooms on display or in warehouses for many months, so check when the hot tub was manufactured and what the exact warranties are. The date of manufacture is usually found on a plate or sticker within or on the cabinet of the hot tub itself. It’s also worth finding out whether the warranty is with the retailer or the manufacturer?
  • Who will fix the hot tub when it breaks? Does the designated technician have the skills, the parts and even the commitment to fix your hot tub? This is important to find out before purchase, so you’re protected if anything does happen.

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  • If a hot tub is being sold cheaply it’s either:
    • An end of the line, so make sure you can still get the parts from either the retailer or the manufacturer.
    • Ex-display, so make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned with a sanitiser and a bio film elimination chemical – you don’t want to be getting into a stranger’s bath water!
    • An older stock model – check all the warranties for the shell, cabinet, frame, disposables (such as headrests & jets), plumbing lines and electronics.
    • The company is going out of business. There isn’t a problem with picking up a good deal, if you understand that any warranties offered by the company going out of business will likely be void. If this is the case, make sure there is another company selling the brand nearby should you need any repairs.
  • Ask for a new filter. You don’t want a smelly, old paper cartridge that’s been sat in stagnant water for many months!

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There are many common-sense factors to consider, but in summary; buy from a manufacturer and a retailer you can trust. You will probably use your hot tub for many years to come - it’s like buying a second-hand boiler for your home and you’re really buying into a service relationship, so choose your supplier carefully.


Reputable companies that offer ex-display and pre-owned models should be able to help you every step of the way, but it’s a great idea to prepare yourself so you know what to look for, what to avoid and how to get the best deal without paying for it down the line.


For more information on the fantastic deals you can find on pre-owned and ex-display hot tubs, head over to our local showroom special offers pages in Warwickshire, Lincoln, London, Cheshire & Birmingham, or check out our dedicated display stock sale website.

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