Luna Sauna Red Cedar Knotty W 244 x L 213 cm

This beautiful cedar sauna building blends beautifully into all gardens and patios. The huge windows offer a new dimension and perspective to sauna bathers – the feeling of space and light brings the sauna area into the outdoor space and vice versa. The cool bench style seating creates space to move around and the curved corners help the building blend into the surrounding landscape. Constructed from red cedar with tongue and groove walls and dovetail joints, they’re durable and strong.


Luna Sauna Red Cedar Knotty W 244 x L 213 cm

• Fully Canadian Red Cedar (FSC) easy to assemble kit with quality assembly instructions

• Clear Red Cedar Door (incl. Red Cedar door handle) with Bronze Tempered window and magnetic closure

• Adjustable Ventilation, Coat Rack, Towel Rail and 2 x Headrests

• 2 Tiers L-shape seating on back and side wall (left side) with rounded bench fronts for extra comfort

• 2 Bronze Tempered double pane glass windows

• EPDM Roof and Bevel Siding to make it waterproof

Helpful Tips:

You’ll need to fit the pod to a solid, concrete base.

The sauna comes from Canada in packed carefully in a long box with comprehensive instructions and will take 2 persons around 5 hours to assemble.

Electric heaters will need the correct size of cable and connected to the mains supply by a qualified electrician.

Wood Fired heaters will need to be issued with a HETAS certificate to ensure the wood fired heater is installed correctly and in particular there are no dangerous emissions. This can be obtained by a qualified tradesman – usually a gas engineer. (see advice in the PDF attachment available on this page

SaunasLuna Saunas

If you are looking for a modern and unique outdoor cedar sauna for your home or cottage; then you have found the Sauna! The gently rounded corners not only have added appeal but gives you lots of space on the interior of the sauna.
The beautiful Canadian Western Red Cedar is beautiful, long lasting and has the aroma that we all love.
The cedar walls, 1½” thick, provide natural insulation and structural strength. 8ft x 6ft


Knotty Red Cedar

Knotty Red Cedar walls, floor and bevel Siding with Clear Cedar Benches & Door and EPDM rubber under the bevel to make it water proof.

Clear Western Red Cedar

Clear Western Red Cedar includes walls, benches, door and bevel siding with layer of EPDM rubber underneath to make waterproof.

2 Tier Benches

The Luna Saunas all feature 2 tier benches with rounded fronts for extra comfort.

Bronze Tempered Glass

Bronze Tempered double pane glass windows in the sauna front wall are standard in all kits.

EPDM Waterproof Roof

Triple layer roof system has EPDM under the bevel siding to make it water proof.
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Luna Sauna Red Cedar Knotty W 244 x L 213 cm